Baelo Claudio

While staying in Barbate, we took a morning trip down the road to
Baelo Claudio, Roman ruins we had seen signposted on the road to
Tarifa. I hadn't read any reference to it in my guidebooks or
elsewhere, so wasn't expecting much. What a shock then, to see a very
well-preserved classic Roman city with a fantastic, modern museum,
perched on a gorgeous view across the Strait of Gibraltar all the way
to Morocco.

The city had only about 2000 inhabitants, so you can walk the entire
way across it in just about 5 minutes, and see the entire street plan
from just about anywhere. The theater at the top of the city had the
best view, naturally.

Speaking of which, there was a retirement-age British couple looking
at the theater at the same time as we were, reading the guide
pamphlet, which has a photo of the exit gate labeled 'vomitorium' (so
named for vomiting crowds out of the theater and onto the streets).
Upon the woman pointing it out, the man nodded his head gravely and
said, "Yes, so that when they overate they could go and make
themselves sick." Common misperception.

More history of the city, which made its money the same way people in
the area do now -- fishing tuna -- available here on Wikipedia: