Colima & Comala

Last Thursday, I decided to get out of town for a bit. There's a bus
available that goes from Barra to Colima, the capital of the state by
the same name, about two hours away; Colima has a Ruby programmers
meetup; nearby suburb Comala is famous for its coffee. Easy choice.

I caught the bus in Barra in the middle of the afternoon, arriving in
Colima around 6:00 pm. Following the excellent meetup, two members
very graciously took me on a quick tour of downtown Colima (from its
best vantage point -- the top level of a parking garage) and then to
Comala, about 10km away. After dropping my stuff at the hotel and
getting checked in, we went out for coffee (pictured below) and some

The next day I had the morning and early afternoon available to
myself, so I wandered around Comala for a while. The town reminds me
of Medina Sidonia in Spain -- all whitewashed walls and cobbled
streets, and almost eerily quiet at times. I sat on the square at a
coffee shop and did some work, and that was that.

Hopefully I can get back to Colima at some point and see the city
itself in more detail.