Isle of Skye

Today was spent on a counter-clockwise circuit around the north of the
Isle of Skye. The landscape is almost entirely denuded of trees; only
the peat bog remains. The islands are formerly volcanic, and the vast
sweeps of the remnants are just unbelievably beautiful.

There are Highland Cows (pictured below) and baby lambs just weeks old
(not pictured), plus seals (couldn't get close enough to reliably
photograph) and golden eagles (not fast enough to photograph). The
final photos are from Neist Point, the westernmost point in Skye. The
only thing between there and North America are the Outer Hebrides;
watching the weather come across the Atlantic to finally land on the
Europe is fantastic.

I had a fantastic dinner tonight in Portree -- langoustines, scallops,
salmon, and mussels, all pulled out of the water within about 20 miles
of here. Currently at the pub that has both wifi and the Champions
League match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Not bad.